Why Men Should Moisturize

Putting on your best face isn't just about making a good first impression. Taking care of your skin helps you look and feel your very best. Whether you have oily or dry skin, or even a combination of the two, one of the best ways to improve the appearance of healthy looking skin is to keep it hydrated. While men and women tend to have different challenges when it comes to skin care, men should consider adding moisturizer to their daily regimen for many of the same reasons women do.

The environment we live in has a negative effect on our skin. We're exposed to wind, sun, dry air, and chemicals every day, and our skin is our first barrier against these elements. That means your skin is fighting a battle to keep you safe, and it's feeling the brunt of the effects. Through all of this, your skin loses moisture, which contributes to irritation and signs of aging. Moisturizers can help repair irritated skin, and make it more resilient against these challenges.

Your skin naturally secretes oils and releases sweat in response to environmental factors. Healthy skin oils are one of the body's defenses against microorganisms, and if you strip them off when you wash your face, you'll be left more susceptible to these tiny pests.

As your skin releases oils, sweats, and reacts to the environment, its pH also changes. According to the National Library of Medicine, the natural skin surface pH is 4.7. When exposed to the elements, men's skin tends to drop lower than the natural pH, and moisturizers can help to bring them back to a healthy pH-balanced baseline.

If you shave, you should pay special attention to moisturizing, because shaving can exfoliate and remove a layer of dead skin cells. While exfoliation is a wonderful thing for healthy skin, it also takes away some of the natural oils which form a protective barrier on top of the skin. After any kind of exfoliation, you should replenish your skin with healthy oils.

As men age, their skin also tends to become drier. When this happens, moisturizing can help to retain a more youthful appearance, and can also protect against skin damage, whether that damage comes from a razor nick or from the rays of the sun.

Finally, moisturizing helps skin feel soft and rejuvenated, and increases your comfort throughout the day. Dry, itchy skin can be a major distraction, but taking care of your body can induce a sense of wellbeing and comfort, which reduces stress and improves your mood.